How to Be Alone

16 08 2010

This video is adorable.



7 08 2010

Super adorable video inspired by the mural “Scout” in Washington D.C, set to a Beirut song. Film by Sebastian Tobler. Mural by Kelly Towles.

Julien Vallee

1 08 2010

Julien Vallée for OFF Paris 2010.

Anna Yausheva

20 07 2010

My Dance The Skull is an independent tape label and publishing house. They put out pretty photo zines and cassette tapes. These photos are from a zine they are putting out by Russian photographer Anna Yausheva. They’re raw and awkward and hazy. And sexy, but a very nervous sexy.

For some reason the first photo reminds me of the Joanna Newsom song, “Baby Birch”.

Bulletproof Coffin

22 03 2010

Bulletproof Coffin is a comic by David Hine and Shaky Kane available from Image. You can see more background info and previews here.

It looks awesome.

Cyr, van

1 02 2010

Artist Kevin Cyr.He has an upcoming show called Behind the Curtain at Raandesk Gallery.

stay fucking punk

9 01 2010

Plenty of new art from old favorite Swampy. Swampy is a street/whatever artist who rides around the country on freight trains and is based in Oakland, California. He’s a wild man.

Check out his Flickr Stream here.